Pre-Order Policy

At Hollywood Heroes we strive to bring you the latest in new collectibles. From our website you can pre-order any new item from our vast collection before it is released, and it will be shipped to you once it's shipped to us. We have a limited stock of pre-orders and in many cases, will sell out very quickly. Many items have limited run quantities and may not be available after the release date.


In order to bring you our swift, confident service, we require full payment for the item when you place the order. This helps us keep track of inventory and guarantees you the item. It helps ensure that we do not oversell an item, as many websites who do not take payment until shipment, or only take a deposit, will do. If you order from us, you are guaranteed an item as long as we receive the item in mint condition from the manufacturer.


We are not responsible for any delays caused by the manufacturer. Sometimes companies withhold an item for longer than the estimated release date. We will update the item listing with any new information if the date is pushed back. 

You can be confident that once we receive the item, we will ship it within one (1) business day of its safe arrival at our warehouse. You will be notified of the item's shipment immediately.


You must cancel your pre-order within fourteen (14) days of purchase in order to receive a full refund. You may cancel after that date, but you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. 

For our refund policy, please see this page.

Items Not Picked Up After Payment:

Hey, life moves pretty fast, we get it. We totally understand if you pay for an item and may not be able to pick it up right away. Or, perhaps you just didn't send us shipping information about where to send your purchase. 

We will do our best to communicate with you and gently remind you, contacting you by phone or E-mail. However, if after three attempts (over a 90 day period) we do not hear from you, we will stop trying to contact you. It is your responsibility to come and collect your items or provide a correct shipping address. 

If a duration of 120 days passes, and we do not hear from you, the item will be returned to stock and your money will be forfeited and not returned.  

Storage Fees on Products: 

If you do contact us and need us to hold your item until you can pick it up safely, we will do so and apply a storage fee. All of our items are kept in a secure environment. Rare and expensive items such as artwork, movie props or prototypes are stored in a climate controlled, UV light protected environment. 

Monthly fees on stored items is $100 per month. No exceptions.